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Waialua Gets It - Historic Preservation!

Updated: Aug 15, 2023

Our first community meeting was held at the recently restored plantation manager's office. Key Waialua community leaders, former employees who worked in the building, and nearby property owners attended. Stone Fish donated a gourmet brunch, Starbucks plenty of coffee, and the society honored Director Karen Inouye, donor for the office renovation, with a lei. Historic Hawaii Foundation's Executive Director, Kiersten Faulkner gave a brief presentation on 'historic preservation,' and lead docent Boyd Ready gave a short history of the building. Thanks to Councilman Weyer for sending his representative, Kelly Anaya, and to kumu hula Keith Awai for his encouraging closing remarks.

Front row, left to right: Directors Boyd Ready, Lead Docent & Treasurer, Antya Miller, President, Karen Inouye, Secretary, Kathleen Pahinui, Neighborhood Board Chair, Keith Awai, Kumu Hula, and Linda Seyler, North Shore News and Food Bank, with Alice Rogers, key volunteer.

Back row, left to right: Robert Jonick, Waialua Federal Credit Union, Marianne Abrigo, Realtor, Maka Casson-Fisher, Waialua Hawaiian Civic Club, Gloria Nahinu, Director, Waialua Federal Credit Union & long-serving Waialua Sugar Co. clerical staff who worked in the building, Kelly Anaya, Councilman Matt Weyer's staffer, Kendra Martyn, Friends of Waialua Bandstand, Gil Riviere, Waialua's State Senator 2014-2022, Nolan Zane, Waialua Shopping Center Property Manager, Dave Robichaux, Mill Town Re-Development, Leif Anderson, President, Waialua Community Association, Steve Luckett, Kupahu Street Homeowner,

John Hirota, Waialua Sugar Company Industrial Relations Manager.

Not pictured: Kiersten Faulkner, Carol Ishimoto, Stacie Sasagawa, and Mary Tam, Facilitator. Photo credit: Linda Seyler, photographer.

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