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Civil Beat notices!

In the 'Sunshine Blog' for today, 9/19/2023, we found this piece from Civil Beat:

"Dis Buggah Free! That’s the motto of North Shore News, which still publishes in print — print! — in addition to online.

During Civil Beat’s recent pop-up newsroom in Waialua, Julie Mansur brought us a fresh copy of the April 23 issue, which features a story on the Waialua Mill smokestack.

It’s a lovely piece, a rich slice of local history.

"It has represented our past and is part of our memories. You couldn’t miss it as you took the long, downhill drive from Wahiawa. Now at the end of its useful life it has been mostly taken down. Every one noticed. Local TV news covered it, and there is a sadness mixed with a resolve to protect other landmarks of Waialua.”

“Sadness mixed with resolve.” That sounds just like the business of journalism these days, no?"

Thanks for the kudos, Civil Beat!

Boyd Ready, Lead docent, historian

Haleiwa Waialua Historical Society

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