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Plantation Art & Wine success!

Updated: Sep 25, 2023

Who knew how beautiful the old Waialua Sugar office building was! All lit up and crowded with Waialua fans - it was magnificent.

With tickets sold out two weeks ahead, over one hundred Waialua and former Waialua residents crowded the outdoor lanais and renovated managers' office, at the Waialua Sugar Co.'s old office building Friday night (September 22nd) to benefit the Historical Society.

Photos courtesy of North Shore News unles otherwise noted

Michelle Spencer and Kathleen Pahinui at Registration

Old timers and new residents enjoyed fine food and wine with art prints and originals to purchase or for silent bids. Many old acquaintances were renewed. One resident brought nine friends, and an entire cohort of young Waialua residents asked, "what was this building, anyway?"...!

And Araceli Manrique became a Gold Sponsor before the event even started, to honor the memory of her father and two brothers who worked at the Waialua Plantation!

Margaret and Larry Sagaysay's clan, former Senator Riviere, and Neighborhood Board Chair Pahinui were among the volunteers. The old building site was cleaned up: 6" deep monkeypod leaves and debris were hauled away (9 pickup truck loads!). Larry Sagaysay repaired and repainted the benches, power washed the building frontage and strung extra lights all along the 138' open lanai. Melissa Meek painted out the graffiti. Margaret Sagaysay sold half the tickets, recruited family and friends to help prepare and cleanup, and co-chaired the event with President Antya Miller.

Patti Devita, Liz Riviere, Melissa Meek, and Margaret Sagaysay

Artist donor Julie Patacchia, Margaret, Evelyn Kaneshige, and other volunteers decorated with heliconia, ginger, and crotons. Melissa Meek and Dolly Subia set up tables and chairs provided by the Sagaysays and Lee Bryant. Seven artists provided original and print art for sale. Haleiwa Joe's and the Sagaysays donated tasty food to supplement the Marian's Catering fare: the donated fried chicken pieces, cascarone, and lumpia were a hit.

Julie Patacchia and Kathy

Phil Meek's band played in the pond area outside the French doors of the Managers' Office, and Melissa Meek's school bell was rung again and again. Alice Rogers table with 1939 aerial photo poster and membership applications got new signups.

Senator Riviere recruited and directed parking attendants, packing 40+ cars into suitable spots. Linda Seyler helped Larry Sagaysay serve the wine, and a fine time was had by all.

  • Reed Matsuura and Larry Sagaysay

New members signed up, old timers saw the renovated Managers’ Office, some for the first time, and lots of art and photos went home to be enjoyed. The Haleiwa Waialua Historical Society netted over $5,000.00 for the Bandstand Park signage, brochure publishing, and operations. This keeps the Society in the black through January 2024.

Thanks to all who volunteered, attended and supported us!

Eileen and John Hirota were there!

And more photos .......

Senator Gil Riviere, Dave and Ming-Li Wang Robichaux

Photo credit: Barbara Ritchie

Randy and Mary Paty with Ashley and Kyra Kirito

Photo credit: Mary Paty

Robert and Virginia Hayes

Melvin Amantiad and Linda Seyler

The Main Entry

Meagan Nolin, in profile, center

Wendy Woodstrup, Thea Love, and Carolyn Williams

Classic Patacchia - Original

Eileen Hirota and Linda Palalay

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