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Disaster Timeline Updated

Updated: Dec 24, 2023

Drafted for a preparedness fair at the WCA (Waialua Community Association) in 2021, we recently updated this timeline with reference to Lahaina's 1919 and 2023 fires, adding in local fires affecting school evacuations, threats to Haleiwa town, and other local fires.

The information is from and on-line accessible sources, confirming residents' shared recollections. The document is not downloading properly so email us at to request a copy.

Please give credit to Haleiwa Waialua Historical Society if you share or publish the timeline.

Also notice that in 2014 UH scientists' confirmed that 1956 pilots' observations of undersea volcanic activity off Kaena Pt. is likely related to newly discovered 3rd Oahu original volcano, now dubbed 'Kaeana.' So local tsunami within a few minutes is a possibility... Kaena is live.

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